5 Most Deadliest jobs in the world

5. Ice Road Trucker Most extreme weather the road to thin ice, throw in sub-zero temperatures, polar bears, long hours, isolation and the risk of snow blindness

4. Sulphur Miner Mining is an incredibly extremely dangerous job miners who go that step further and harvest sulphur from inside an active volcano. 

Credit : nato.int

3. Landmine Remover Formerly war-torn countries, landmines are still strewn across the landscape job of military personnel to clear these hazards, some governments have not made this a priority. 

Credit:: nationalgeographic.co.uk

2. Deep Sea Fisherman stormy seas, freezing wet working conditions and dangerous machinery, sometimes during the cover of darkness, means fishermen have most dangerous jobs around. 

1. Lumberjack Falling trees, heavy machinery, chain saws, extreme weather conditions, high altitudes, steep slopes and long, tiring hours all add up to one risky profession.